Does it work?

Here are some quotes from some of my clients. These testimonials do not represent evidence, they are the subjective view of patients I have treated.

"I was diagnosed with having PCO (polycystic ovaries) after the birth of my first child and when ugly acne like boils started appearing on my face during the second pregnancy,I blamed the PCO (as they trigger hormonal imbalance) and hoped things would get better once the baby arrived.Only they didn't.My second son was now nearly three and as though raising two bouncy boys wasn't enough-I started suffering from accute embarassment and low self esteem due to the spots that particularly liked attacking my cheeks and chin.I am not a vain person but things had reached such a stage that the first thing I did in the morning was to look in the mirror to check where the latest spot was residing on my face.Spots were all I could see on my face.When the branded and expensive lotions and portions didn't help-I thought a visit to the GP was the answer.Then a friend recommended seeing Vicky.I went to Vicky with an open mind-not expecting anything-positive or otherwise.What I appreciated about her was that she was in no hurry to "cure" me.It was a gentle but long session.Hers is a wholistic approach-which is what homeopathy is all about.I feel Vicki has somewhat discovered the trigger of my overreacting hormones and her pills gently calm them down which in turn control the spots.I am much happier now,the spots have miraculously reduced and I feel the pills have also helped me with my pre menstrual stress. Vicky,if only I'd been to you much earlier!"

'I have been suffering from depression which progressed over a long period of time. I didn't think I could get the help I needed. I can see and feel the remedy is working. I found Vicky easy to talk to and she could pick up on exactly what I was experiencing.

I stopped feeling anxious and fearful about everything. I felt emotionally stable. I am less tired. I felt up to sorting out things I couldn't normally face. I felt a sense of achievement and satisfaction in getting things in order. I had glimpses of feeling an inner joy. I had memories of happy occasions and felt the happiness I use to. I made more effort to contact friends and to talk and take an interest in people.

I have felt empty of happy emotions for so long, it is good to feel more
like my old self.'

'I contracted a nasty food poisoning bug on my honeymoon in May 2003, and was still suffering from the effects of this over one year later. I had what the doctors called a post inflammatory bowel syndrome, similar to Irritable Bowel Syndrome. My symptoms included a lot of intestinal discomfort and lack of energy, which appeared to be exasperated by stress. I had the condition under more control after taking up yoga and lots of other exercise, and thought I would give homeopathy a try. I had been very sceptical as to what effect homeopathy would have on me, but it had been recommended by several friends and I was curious.

Vicky has a great approach, she asks a lot of questions and has a great memory for detail! She made me feel at ease, and talked me through the approach she was going to take. I took the remedy and a few days later I was feeling much better in my overall health, emotionally and mentally as well as physically which was an added bonus! I was very impressed by the results and will carry on my treatment with Vicky in the future, as I now have all the proof I need that homeopathy is a valuable complimentary medicine.'

RW, Hampshire

'Before seeing Vicky, I had no idea that my emotional problems played such a big part in my IBS. By taking 4 tablets and expressing my overall problems I am now a lot better. Improving my symptoms involve Vicky's patient guidance and my ongoing management. I realise that I do not stop here, I have to keep working at maintaining a good balance in my health.
Vicky has helped me a lot.'

'My son had bladder problems and was sleepwalking. After the remedy he was symptom free and more settled.'

'A chronic recurring fungal infection in my ears and ME symptoms had left me feeling depleted and were not responding to conventional medicine. I was amazed to be completely better and full of energy within a month of taking the remedy.'

'IBS was draining me. One little pill and symptoms abated. I no longer feel ruled by the condition.'

'No more hot flushes!'

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